Financial Statements

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With FinancialXLA spreadsheets, you will be able to build your financial Statements automatically, customize your company reports, manage your financial activities anytime anywhere, and keep your data on one excel file.


FinancialXLA suitable for small and medium enterprises (SME’s) and their subsidiaries, provides multicurrency consolidated reports in one Excel file including consolidated trial balance, financial statements, cash flow, aging report, and forecasts financial reports.


The data entered/imported directly to excel file, include double entry journals, indexes and templates reports. The results (for any period and any currency) are embedded automatically in consolidated trial balance, financial statements, cash flow report, and forecast statements, statement of accounts to BP’s and VAT reports. All the balances are displayed in two leading re-evaluated currencies (for example USD and EUR) based on FASB and GAAP requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Management Brief reports.
  • Consolidate trial balance.
  • Consolidated financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Notes).
  • Operational cash flow (Schedule of cash in cash out) by day/week/month
  • Collection report (aging report)
  • Comparison between performance to the budget and the forecast.
  • Deviation analysis report: Standard revenue and cost VS actual by product, customer and bill of material.
  • Financial business plans for short and long-term periods.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Due diligence preparation.
  • Foreign currency exposure reports.
  • Reports for any period and any currency.
  • Flexible built-in reports.
  • Additional transactions for the forecast with recurrence method.
  • Working in Microsoft Excel the easier and familiar environment for top management.