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The financial business plan is a section in Business Plan (BP) that supports the assumptions that show in the BP, a valid offer to investors to raise capital for the project. The Application calculates how much fund the project need based on milestones and shows the valuation at the end of the project (Mergers and Acquisitions – M&A). The Application calculates the sales forecast and it direct costs, indirect costs (overhead) R&D costs, sales costs, marketing costs, and G&A cost and shows full projections financial statements including burn rate, cash call, valuation, worth case results, and sensitivity analysis.

The principal is to update the bill of materials with quantities and price for one sales unit and calculate the other expenses (overhead, sales, G&A, and finance) as reflected in the agreements of employees or suppliers.  The Application will calculate for each period the revenue, the direct costs and other expenses. The Application enables to manage the prices in any currency and shows the results in 2 lead currencies (like EUR and USD). More on that, the Application calculates revaluations and shows exposure to currencies. Since the Financial Business Plan would audit in due diligence process by the auditors, the Application produces standard reports and shows breakdowns and calculations of each figure in one click.