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You have your idea flow by your dream, and you are ready to implement it and maybe to find partners to help you to build a prototype. For this, you need to prepare a feasibility study with the description of the idea and why do you believe that there is a need for your product. Take into account that feasibility study is for angels and strategy partners that will ask professionals to audit the assumptions and the profitability by due diligence process.  It’s mean that you will have to provide for each hypothesis, claim or result documentation, evidence, references and explicit calculations. Therefore, I suggest you keep your findings (literature emails, researches) in digital files and backup. The first step is to conduct a preliminary market research to represent in the feasibility study who are the potential customers, the target market, and its volume, and who are the competitors and the fair market price. The second step is to check if the product is profitability and attractive to investors. FinancialXLA Feasibility Study is an application in Microsoft Excel that helps you to build an organize and logic feasibility study based on the market assumptions, the R&D costs, and the market costs of each unit. The application shows the unit cost price in Bill of Materials (Product Tree) form and embeds the results to standard financial reports that show the profitability based on the quantities by periods in main currency. The financial report including a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow, financial ratios like NPV and IRR. And the needed fund for each month.