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Skills & Expertise

Mr. Dov Goldenberg (MBA) has been serving as a senior-level executive at global parent companies. He has an excellent experience with accounting, consolidating, forecasting, budgeting, and costing. Parallels, Dov specialized in technologic information area and became an expert in Microsoft Excel, Pivot Tables, and VBA. He has been building consolidated financial statements applications and business plans modelling for global companies. He is a certified tax adviser and expert in computerized systems. Mr. Goldenberg holds MBA, Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic, and Window Architecture Certificates.

Chief Financial and Analyst at group of entrepreneurs, UK

Entrepreneurship company engaged in the set-up, development, and exit preparation of business plans, execution of feasibility and feasibility study Preparation of due diligence.

Chief Financial officer/treasurer at Far East Land Bridge, Austria

Far East Land Bridge specialized in transporting of containers from the Far East to Russia/Europe and vice versa using the Trans-Siberian railway connection.

Chief Accountant, Financial Reporting at Gemini Israel Funds, Israel

Gemini Israel Funds is an Israel-based venture capital fund that specializes in early and seed stage investments in private technology companies that span some industry sectors.

Head of the supplier’s division and senior corporate accounting at Scitex Corporation, Israel

Scitex Corporation was an Israeli global company, which specialized in producing equipment for large- and very-large-format printing.

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The Joy of Creation

We have discovered that managers and staff like to produce reports on electronic spreadsheets. The electronic spreadsheets are flexible and enable to produce reports faster, quickly and clearly. They reflect the personality, the professionalism, and skills of the producer (brightness, abstractness, relevance and artistic abilities) which contributes the joy of the creation and the motivation. Working on spreadsheets enables to update and edit and fine-tune the information and the reports at the last minute independently and even to send them immediately in the middle of a meeting or outside the office.

Oppositely, the information on electronic spreadsheets can be sent without organization control. Furthermore, the changes on electronic spreadsheets are not reflected in the organization systems that cause the creation of the gaps between the information in the organization systems and the official reports. Moreover, I found that everybody builds his databases according to his needs and his logic, based on his professional skills that make it difficult to restore their information to the central database. By this, a lot of valuable knowledge and information are not part of the Organizational property.

Part of our solutions is the interface between the FinancialXLA application to the central information systems. FinancialXLA gets transactions from the central database and sends additional Journal entries automatically back. It is mean that as you need to update the results or to create a simulation just type the changes in controlled Journal entries and get immediate financial statements, forecast statements or business plans by companies, Banks, currencies, and periods. The reports are sensitive to the estimates of exchange rates and the Vat influence. Also, you can show feasibility study application that gives you IRR and MVP results for your business or projects.